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ready to move projects (117) | Completed projects in Noida

Get a new home with all amenities at affordable prices in this competitive real estate market at Noida ready to move projects. All the projects are delivering best facilities and lavishing comforts in customers budget without compromising with natural green environment and fresh air in campus to ensure you the healthy and luxurious atmosphere. The wonderful projects are quite cost effective in order to offers the economical homes with great features, Noida has set wonderful price list and the projects placed at well connected location to provide great connectivity. These projects are ready to move in as they will take very few time to provide investor the best deal ever as they are too demanding.

ace ace-aspire

ace Aspire

Noida Extension, Noida
41 Lac to 56.3 Lac
samridhi grand-avenue

samridhi Grand Avenue

Noida Extension, Noida
28.1 Lac to 48.4 Lac
ace city

ace City

Sector 1 Greater Noida West, Noida
35.86 Lac to 50.34 Lac
supertech ecovillage-2

supertech Ecovillage II

Noida Extension, Noida
30.17 Lac to 64.61 Lac
ace golf-shire

ace Golf Shire

Sector 150, Noida
90.19 Lac to 1.3 Cr
nirala greenshire

nirala Greenshire

GH-03 Sector 2 Noida Extension, Noida
29.92 Lac to 64.91 Lac
gaur saundaryam

gaur Saundaryam

Noida Extension, Noida
56.22 Lac to 84.6 Lac
ajnara daffodil

ajnara Daffodil

Sector 137, Noida
87.98 Lac to 1.08 Cr
ajnara le-garden

ajnara Le Garden

Noida Extension, Noida
27.7 Lac to 57.26 Cr
victory crossroads

victory Crossroads

Sector 143, Noida
40.53 Lac to 67.14 Lac
jaypee moon-court

jaypee Moon Court

Greater Noida, Noida
27.25 Lac to 1.08 Cr
jaypee kallisto-townhomes

jaypee Kallisto Townhomes

Sector 128, Noida
5.02 Cr to 6.87 Cr
mahagun moderne

mahagun Moderne

Sector 78, Noida
55.2 Lac to 1.28 Cr
akh royal-apartment

akh Royal Apartment

Sector 60, Noida
16.53 Lac to 29.32 Lac
dpl flora-farms

dpl Flora Farms

Noida Expressway, Noida
42.33 Lac
supertech ecovillage

supertech Ecovillage

Noida Extension, Noida
22.38 Lac to 82.88 Lac
jaypee ashokresidences

jaypee Ashok Residences

Greater Noida, Noida
2.24 Cr to 4.19 Cr
supertech ecociti

supertech Ecociti

Sector 137, Noida Expressway, Noida
20.5 Lac to 1.37 Cr
amrapali titanium

amrapali Titanium

Sector 119, Noida
1.31 Cr to 2.3 Cr
antriksh forest

antriksh Forest

Sector 77, Noida
63.6 Lac to 1.44 Cr
rajnandini greatvaluesharanam

rajnandini Great Value Sharanam

Sector 107, Noida
62.41 Lac to 1.82 Cr
nimbus express-park-view

nimbus Express Park View

GH-10C, CHI-V, Expressway, Greater Noida, Noida
29.91 Lac to 52.48 Lac
galaxy northavenue1

galaxy North Avenue I

Noida Extension, Noida
38.42 Lac to 49.05 Lac
jaypee imperial-court

jaypee Imperial Court

Sector 128, Noida
1.96 Cr to 2.91 Cr
jaypee sun-court3

jaypee Sun Court 3

Greater Noida, Noida
3.85 Cr to 3.9 Cr
resizone maglam

resizone Manglam

Sector 70, Noida
32.2 Lac to 38.85 Lac
jm aroma

jm Aroma

Sector 75, Noida
68.1 Lac to 1.3 Cr
amrapali sapphire

amrapali Sapphire

Sector 45, Noida
71.82 Lac to 1.93 Cr
morpheus morpheus-greens

morpheus Greens

Sector 78, Noida
58.78 Lac to 84.14 Lac
avj heightss

avj Heightss

Sector Zeta 1, Greater Noida, Noida
21 Lac to 84 Lac
supertech bluestone

supertech Bluestone

Sector 93, Noida
1.23 Cr to 1.93 Cr
paramount floraville

paramount Floraville

Sector 137, Noida
60.61 Lac to 88.46 Lac
jaypee kingswood-oriental

jaypee Kingswood Oriental

Sector 128, Noida
4.62 Cr to 6.42 Cr
gaur sportswood

gaur Sports Wood

Sector 79, Noida
On Request
gardenia gardenia-glory

gardenia Glory

Sector 46, Noida
52.25 Lac to 1.62 Cr
sunworld vandita

sunworld Vandita

Sector 22 D, Yamuna Expressway, Noida
15.62 Lac to 35.62 Lac
ats one-hamlet

ats One Hamlet

Sector 104, Noida
1.17 Cr to 2.08 Cr
lotus lotus-greens-plots

lotus Greens Plots

Sector 79, Noida
42.29 Lac to 2.11 Cr
samiah singapore-residency

samiah Singapore Residency

Sector 36, Noida
53.1 Lac to 1.09 Cr
eldeco sylvan-view

eldeco Sylvan View

Sector 93A, Noida
1.96 Cr to 2.79 Cr
agarwal celebrity-homes

agarwal Celebrity Homes

Sector 76, Noida
30.74 Lac to 1.22 Cr
jaypee thepavilion-court

jaypee The Pavilion Court

Sector 128, Noida
98.34 Lac to 1.3 Cr
jm florence

jm Florence

Noida Extension, Noida
28.49 Lac to 60.8 Lac
jaypee thestar-court

jaypee The Star Court

Swarn Nagri, Greater Noida, Noida
86.92 Lac to 1.36 Cr
jaypee jade-apartments

jaypee Jade Apartments

Yamuna Expressway, Noida
1.38 Cr to 3.81 Cr
apex apex-athena

apex Athena

Sector 75, Noida
67.34 Lac to 2.97 Cr
supertech emerald-court

supertech Emerald Court

Taj Expressway, Noida
1.92 Cr to 3.25 Cr
arihant arden

arihant Arden

Sector 1, Noida Extension, Noida
34.36 Lac to 91.5 Lac
ajnara homes-121

ajnara Homes 121

sector 121, Noida
51.97 Lac to 96.39 Lac
express zenith

express Zenith

Sector 77, Noida
53.75 Lac to 88.25 Lac
amrapali grand

amrapali Grand

Sector Zeta 1, Greater Noida, Noida
64.75 Lac to 1.01 Cr
logix bnlossom-county

logix Blossom County

Sector 137, Noida Expressway, Noida
43.11 Lac to 1.13 Cr
antriksh green

antriksh Green

Sector 50, Noida
87.3 Lac to 2.34 Cr
jaypee spa-court

jaypee Spa Court

Greater Noida, Noida
2.04 Cr
amrapali zodiac

amrapali Zodiac

Sector 120, Noida
48.73 Lac to 1.11 Cr
shri radhaskygarden

shri Radha Sky Garden

Noida Extension, Noida
33.27 Lac to 41.24 Lac
supertech 34-pavilion

supertech 34 Pavilion

Sector 34, Noida
91.38 Lac to 1.49 Cr
supertech cape-castle

supertech Cape Castle

Sector 74, Noida
1.4 Cr
jaypee country-homes

jaypee Country Homes

Yamuna Expressway, Noida
49.57 Lac to 1.74 Cr
jaypee crescent-court

jaypee Crescent Court

Sector Alpha, Greater Noida, Noida
86.45 Lac to 2.61 Cr
sidhyansh gulawali-enclave

sidhyansh Gulawali Enclave

Sector 162, Noida
20.99 Lac to 1.04 Cr
sunworld vanalika

sunworld Vanalika

Sector 107, Noida
84.3 Lac to 2.04 Cr
omaxe palmgreens

omaxe Palm Greens

Sector MU, Greater Noida, Noida
40 Lac to 1.5 Cr
antriksh golf-view-ii

antriksh Golf View II

Sector 78, Noida
47.77 Lac to 1.09 Cr
supertech capetown

supertech Cape Town

Sector 74, Noida
51.69 Lac to 1.33 Cr
paras seasons

paras Seasons

Sector 168, Noida
38.16 Lac to 81.36 Lac
gaur gaur-city2

gaur City 2

Noida Extension, Noida
30.7 Lac to 68.82 Lac
eldeco aamantran

eldeco Aamantran

Sector 119, Noida
59.48 Lac to 1.13 Cr
3c lotus-300

3c Lotus 300

Sector 107, Noida
3.28 Cr to 4.77 Cr
jaypee kube

jaypee Kube

Sector 128, Noida
60.45 Lac to 2.54 Cr
ace platinum

ace Platinum

Greater Noida, Noida
31.49 Lac to 58.48 Lac
sikka karmic

sikka Karmic Greens

Sector 78, Noida
26.9 Lac to 87.84 Lac
jaypee thesun-court

jaypee The Sun Court

Greater Noida, Noida
4.23 Cr to 4.29 Cr
gulshan ikebana

gulshan Ikebana

Sector 143, Noida
73.55 Lac to 1.14 Cr
jm orchid

jm Orchid

Sector 76, Noida
64.67 Lac to 1.14 Cr
solitaire le-solitairian

solitaire Le Solitairian City

Yamuna Expressway, Greater Noida, Noida
19.7 Lac to 1.28 Cr
aba-corp cleocounty

aba corp Cleo County

Sector 121, Noida
1.05 Cr to 1.59 Cr
supertech ceyane-tower

supertech Ceyane Tower

Sector 93A, Taj Expressway, Noida
28.88 Lac to 79.21 Lac
Prateek Prateek-Wisteria

Prateek Wisteria

Sector 77, Noida
53.48 Lac to 1.18 Cr
logix empireestate

logix Empire Estate

Yamuna Expressway, Greater Noida, Noida
17.45 Lac to 1.7 Cr
jaypee thekalypso-court

jaypee The Kalypso Court

Sector 128, Noida
2.22 Cr to 3.79 Cr
nimbus hyde-park

nimbus The Hyde Park

Sector 78, Noida
51.01 Lac to 1.32 Cr
galaxy northavenueII

galaxy North Avenue II

Noida Extension, Noida
30.99 Lac to 58.79 Lac
3c panache-island

3c Panache Island

Sector 110, Noida
1.76 Cr
nirala aspire

nirala Aspire

Sector 16 Noida Extension, Noida
25.89 Lac to 74.15 Lac
jaypee the-orchards

jaypee The Orchards

Sector 131, Noida
74.1 Lac to 1.57 Cr
supertech apex-towers

supertech Apex Towers

Taj Expressway, Noida
57.36 Lac to 80.57 Lac
jaypee sunnyvale-homes

jaypee Sunnyvale Homes

Yamuna Expressway, Noida
41.61 Lac to 65 Lac
supertech czar-villas

supertech Czar Villas

Omicron 1, Greater Noida, Noida
80 Lac to 1.02 Cr
ecnon sports-land

ecnon Sports Land

Sector 151, Noida
On Request
ace signatureresorttowers

ace Signature Resort Towers

Sector 150 Noida Expressway, Noida
1.04 Cr to 1.3 Cr
supertech oxford-square

supertech Oxford Square

Noida Extension, Noida
48.02 Lac to 1.04 Cr
antriksh kanball-3g

antriksh Kanball 3G

Sector 77, Noida
28.6 Lac to 60.84 Lac
dasnac ehomes

dasnac Designarch EHomes

HRA 8 Surajpur site C Greater Noida, Noida
65.25 Lac
antriksh golf -view-apartment

antriksh Golf View

Sector 78, Noida
50.7 Lac to 1.69 Cr
jaypee krown

jaypee Krown

Yamuna Expressway, Noida
49.57 Lac to 67.06 Lac
panchsheel greens

panchsheel Greens

Noida Extension, Noida
27.12 Lac to 82.25 Lac
jkg palm court

jkg Palm Court

Noida Extension, Noida
37.61 Lac to 69.17 Lac
amrapali princely-estate

amrapali Princely Estate

Sector 76, Noida
41.72 Lac to 73.44 Lac
amrapali la-residentia

amrapali La Residentia

Noida Extension, Noida
31.24 Lac to 73.31 Lac
skytech matrott

skytech Matrott

Sector 76, Noida
47.7 Lac to 1.09 Cr
antriksh nature

antriksh Nature

Sector 52, Noida
1 Cr to 2.14 Cr
omaxe twin-towers

omaxe Twin Towers

Sector 50, Noida
1.72 Cr to 3.56 Cr
galaxy vega

galaxy Vega

Noida Extension, Noida
30.35 Lac to 40.87 Lac
amrapali silicon-city

amrapali Silicon City

Sector 76, Noida
57.68 Lac to 1.27 Cr
paramount golfforeste

paramount Golfforeste

Noida Extension, Noida
66.74 Lac to 1.15 Cr
emenox la-solara

emenox La Solara

Greater Noida West, Noida
32.64 Lac to 43.68 Lac
avj homes

avj Homes

Sector Beta ii, Greater Noida, Noida
42.26 Lac to 52.61 Lac
gaur grandeur

gaur Grandeur

Sector 119, Noida
On Request
jaypee earthcourt

jaypee Earth Court

Greater Noida, Noida
3.6 Cr to 7.85 Cr
exotica fresco

exotica Fresco

Sector 137, Noida
66.6 Lac to 1.31 Cr
Prateek Prateek-Laurel

Prateek Laurel

Sector 120, Noida
53.2 Lac to 1.17 Cr
aims golf-avenue-1

aims Golf Avenue 1

Sector 75, Noida
52.23 Lac to 1.18 Cr
rg luxury-homes

rg Luxury Homes

Noida Extension, Noida
40.88 Lac to 62.28 Lac
3c lotus-panache

3c Lotus Panache

Sector 110, Noida
51.37 Lac to 1.34 Cr
amrapali eden-park

amrapali Eden Park

Sector 50, Noida
85.5 Lac to 1.83 Cr
jaypee the-castille2

jaypee The Castille 2

Swarn Nagri, Greater Noida, Noida
2.28 Cr to 3.12 Cr